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in Personal Finance - 21 Aug, 2014
by Mackie Boblette - no comments
10 Arbitrary Expenses to Eliminate From Your Life Immediately

With the frenzied pace of modern business, it can be difficult to regularly keep track of expenses. As such, unaccounted costs can quickly skyrocket out of control. Most people fail to realize how many bills are truly unnecessary. Fortunately, this guide explores ten costly budgetary items that should be permanently eliminated to get finances back in order.

1. Fast Food

The fastest way to blow funds is by eating out on a consistent basis. These meals provide an instant fix, but they have the power to siphon cash until the monthly restaraunt tab becomes outrageously high. Cooking at home may take more time, but the price of raw ingredients is much kinder for the checkbook.

2. Alcohol

Drinking is a serious money waster. Liquor costs pile up like no other purchases, and booze taxes are enormous. Remove this habit from your life, and witness a surprising financial turnaroud!

3. Pets

Animals are a major drain on monetary resources. It takes a hefty sum to cover their food and vet bills. Additionally, these creatures can cause a lot of household damage, which equals countless replacement fees.

4. Gasoline

Driving burns a hole in the wallet. Oil prices are designed to gouge consumers, and there is no end to the madness in sight. Luckily, there are solutions. Cycling is the best way to avoid paying your entire salary to the oil companies; however, public transit is similarly effective and affordable.

5. Children

Having kids entails the biggest financial folly humanly possible. To successfully raise a healthy child, it requires a huge investment. Expenses include baby formula, diapers, bottles, cribs, clothes, toys, babysitters and a college fund. In the end, offspring absorb over a million dollars in the first two decades of life. It is best to avoid reproducing altogether. If it is too late for that, offering the tykes for adoption might be a healthy consideration.

6. Television & Media

In times of trouble, cable should be the first sacrifice made. Television subscriptions can rapidly spiral out of control, especially if viewers are paying extra for exclusive networks. There are too many ways to watch free entertainment, so cut the cord on TV. As an alternative, rent DVDs from the library, or stream free video feeds online.

7. Live Entertainment

Tickets to public performances are overpriced due to a monopolized vendor market. As a result, live shows are incredibly expensive. This is why it is time to stop attending concerts and theater productions; instead, listen to music at home.

8. Air Conditioning

The summer sun can be excruciating, but air conditioning has a tendency to devastate energy bills. The frugal alternative is simply dealing with the heat. Buy cheap window fan units, but keep the main A/C unit turned off.

9. Heating

This is a counterpart to the previous entry. Winter brings a tremendous chill to a lot of places, but heating costs are sometimes unaffordable. The best way to fight the freeze is with plenty of blankets. Meanwhile, the luckiest residential abodes are outfitted with fireplaces.

10. Trash Bags

Recycle the plastic bags that come with purchases from grocery stores and merchandise outlets. There are always tons available, and the clerks do not seem to mind when customers snag a couple extra. These bags get wasted all the time, so it is nice to put them to good use!

Final Note

With this handbook at your disposal, it should be possible to find freedom from financial woes. Simply avoid everything on this list, and watch the savings accumulate!

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