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in Cooking - 09 Mar, 2013
by Mackie Boblette - no comments
10 Tips For Kitchen Safety

Your home is one place that you would like to think is safe. But when it comes to your kitchen, there are some dangers that you may not even be aware of. There are some tips that you can follow in order to make your kitchen a safer place.


First Tip: Attend to your cooking at all times. There are a variety of ways that cooking fires start, but the number one reason is kitchen equipment being left unattended while it is being used. These types of fires cause more damage, injuries, and even deaths than any other type of fire within a home every year. Ensure you watch your food carefully while it cooks.

Second Tip: If a cooking fire breaks out, do not try and use water to extinguish it. Typically a cooking fire will be oil based and water will ignite it even further and will cause it to spread to anywhere the water has gone.

Third Tip: Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Ensure that your fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use if necessary. You should also have it ten feet away from your stove and located close to the exit. If there is a fire, you should use the fire extinguisher to try and extinguish the fire, but do not allow the fire to trap you in the kitchen.

Fourth Tip: Ensure that the exhaust hood and duct above your kitchen stove is clean. This is an area that oil and grease can build up and potentially catch on fire. Regular cleaning will help to prevent this risk.

Fifth Tip: Do not use your stove top for storage. The top of your stove can get quite hot and can set the packaging from products on fire.

Sixth Tip: Use a cutting board when doing any cutting. A surface that is stable and smooth should always be used when cutting anything. This will help prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself.

Seventh Tip: Ensure that you only use knives for what they are made for. A knife should not be used to open any packages or boxes. You could slip and cut yourself while trying to open the package.

Eighth Tip: Store your knives within a knife holder. A drawer is not the right place to store your knives and can be dangerous. When you reach your hand into the drawer to get another utensil, you could accidentally cut your fingers or hand.

Ninth Tip: Do not try to catch a knife that is falling. If you happen to drop a knife, step back and let it fall. You can pick it up off of the floor. If you try to grab the knife as it is falling, there is a chance that you could cut yourself.

Tenth Tip: Keep a phone in the kitchen so you can call for help if necessary. You never do know when you may need help. It is best to ensure that you are prepared in case you need it.

Your home should be a safe place for you and your family to be. By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your kitchen will be an even safer place.

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