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in Home & Family - 20 Feb, 2015
by Mackie Boblette - no comments

It is easier than ever to keep a full and active social life on a slim budget. You can view the latest media, chat with friends, and meet new people in a variety of ways by keeping up-to-date with the latest in technology and money saving opportunities. With these tips, you can stay connected and […]

in Home & Family - 16 Mar, 2014
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If you have been brave enough to venture into your teenagers room, you’ve probably had a glimpse at what few parents want to see: the real teenaged wasteland. For most parents of teens, it’s the source of a nearly endless struggle. Where should a parent start? The first tip is to relax. Yes, it’s terrible […]

in Home & Family - 15 Feb, 2014
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The joy of becoming a mother is an overwhelming emotion. The first time you kiss that tiny face will be an experience unlike any other. To help with transition into motherhood, you may want to consider a few tips collected from other moms who have kindly agreed to share their thoughts and advice on caring […]

in Home & Family - 12 Jul, 2013
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There is roughly one burglary every 15 seconds in the United States with most of them occurring during the day, specifically in the hours between 10AM and 3PM. The average loss suffered by victims of burglary is around $2,000. However, the loss of valuables is not usually the most traumatic aspect of a burglary. Victims […]