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in Business - 25 Mar, 2015
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Nothing characterizes an exceptional learning institution more than dedicated financial support from successful alumni. One establishment that enjoys such recognition operates amid the Appalachian foothills. Located a few miles from Greater Atlanta in the small city of Carrollton, the University of West Georgia has earned the patronage of former business student and current Management Consultant […]

in Business - 13 Jun, 2014
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If you think that your only debt relief option is to file for bankruptcy, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you have a lot of options when it comes to how you file. Let’s take a look at your options and which one may be best for you. 1) File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy […]

in Business - 16 May, 2014
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In the past, pursuing your life’s dream often meant compromising. You worked a day job to pay the bills and chipped away at your dream in your spare time. Maybe that meant saving a little bit every paycheck to start a business. Maybe that meant tinkering in your garage to perfect that invention, with the […]

in Business - 17 Apr, 2014
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Being a business owner can be one of the most rewarding jobs imaginable. Everyone has heard all of the grim statistics set against the prospective business owner, but entrepreneurs can adjust those odds drastically by properly preparing before leaping into business ownership. Research Seek out the local Chamber of Commerce and dig up a recent […]

in Business - 13 Sep, 2013
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An entrepreneur must understand why it is necessary to follow government regulations in business. In fact, when starting a company, a hardworking person should research the industry before capitalizing on their idea. With this in mind, here are five highly regulated industries a new entrepreneur must be aware of if they want to succeed. Payday […]