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in Uncategorized - 20 Nov, 2014
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5 New Tech Jobs That Can Get You Out of Your Office


Sick and tired of constantly working in just one office location? Never fear, there are plenty of enjoyable tech jobs on the market today that allow you to get moving and out there networking with others simultaneously. Whether you are interested in working with others or if you simply enjoy moving around and getting out, there are quite a few tech-related positions that just may be right for you, regardless of your education and skill set.

App Developer

Working as an app developer is one way to get yourself out of a standard cubicle. Today, many jobs that require app developers allow you to work in groups, conference rooms and in some cases, even out of the comfort of your own home. Developing apps can be done remotely and also within group settings where you are able to work along with others involved in testing and rolling out new products and ideas.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are also positions that are on the rise with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Instagram. Working as a social media manager requires you to often consult with potential clients while working closely with a team in order to determine the best course of action when it comes to communicating with potential readers, followers and consumers online.

Ad Salesman

When you love traveling and want to work in tech, consider a position as an ad salesman. Working in ad sales is a way for you to generate revenue and income by discovering new clients and fitting them in with the brand you represent. Many times, ad salesman and women are required to travel to various offices to present Powerpoints and other presentations in attempt to pitch for ad spots and sales on websites and with the use of other online communities, websites and blogs.

Brand Promoter

Working as a brand promoter is a way to socialize more with others without being confined to a traditional desk job atmosphere. Working as a brand promoter often requires you to spend time connecting with others in the community, marketing via radio or print and in general creating marketing campaigns that help to reach others who may be genuinely interested in your brand or business and what it has to offer. Working as a brand promoter is highly advisable for a tech company if you are interested in technology but do not want to be stuck in a desk environment day in and day out.

Community Manager

Managing a community online is another job to steer clear from traditional and oftentimes boring desk jobs. Working as an online community manager is a way for you to work in marketing and with others who are attempting to build a brand and drive a company forward in terms of success. Community managers are ideal for those who love getting creative and sharing new ideas.

Having an idea of some of the most fun and enjoyable tech jobs on the market today is a way for you to make the most out of any time spent in the tech industry. Whether you consider yourself a tech guru when it comes to developing applications for smartphones or if you love interacting with others socially, finding the right atmosphere in technology can allow you to truly enjoy spending time at work each day.

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