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in Safety - 30 Nov, 2013
by Mackie Boblette - no comments
5 Crucial Ergonomic Tips For Working At A Desk All Day

If you work at a desk all day, you may be experiencing back, neck, and other pain associated with poor posture and ergonomics. Unfortunately, bad posture can become second nature for you if you continue to do it on a daily basis. This habit can be difficult to break, and can cause health complications in the future. These five tips can help you improve your posture and ergonomics, and enjoy a better work experience.

Keep Your Body Aligned While Sitting

While sitting at your desk, you can keep your body aligned to prevent back and neck pain. Start by straightening your spine and neck. Gently roll your shoulders back so that they are aligned with your spine. Drop your shoulders down slightly and squeeze your elbows into the sides of your torso. This position is the correct way to sit at a desk.

Adjust Your Equipment

Once you begin practicing the correct posture to use while sitting, you may find that your office equipment needs to be adjusted. Many people slouch while sitting because their desk is not high enough for them to comfortably work on. Use a monitor extender or other items that add height to desks to ensure that you maintain healthy posture and comfortability while you work.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic office chairs are worth investing in because they are designed to support good posture and can prevent aches and pain. Try out a few different models and compare how comfortable they feel in order to make the right purchase.

Take Frequent Breaks

This tip is crucial for individuals who sit at a desk all day. Take several short breaks throughout the day to give your body a break from sitting. Even if you can only stand up for a few seconds, it still counts. During your breaks, attempt to move all of the muscles in your body for the best results.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is essential for good health, but is especially important for desk workers. You should attempt to get in a 30 minute cardiovascular workout a minimum of four days a week. If this is not possible, simply go on a power walk or brisk jog as often as possible. In addition to daily stretches, these activities will help prevent pain while improving your posture. You can also perform simple stretches in your workplace when you begin to feel aches or cramps from sitting.

Many desk workers experience wrist pain that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome if not dealt with properly. An easy stretch to eliminate wrist pain is to gently roll your hands in circles for 30 seconds. This stretch can be performed once an hour, and is an excellent way to give your wrists and hands a break from typing or writing.

Working at a desk all day can cause health complications, but you can take preventative action by improving your ergonomics. Becoming more aware of your posture and workplace habits is the first step towards making positive changes. Try implementing these tips into your daily routine and stick with them for the best results. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you may also notice that you are more productive as well.

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