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in Jobs - 24 Jul, 2013
by Mackie Boblette - no comments
8 Careers That Every Tech Lover Should Consider

techjobsNo matter where you look, our lives are centrally focused around technology. Whether its our televisions, our gaming systems, our computers, or our mobile phones and tablets, technology is everywhere. This is great news for those who love technology and are looking for a job in the tech industry. The question is, what type of job would be perfect for you? Well, here is a list of 8 careers that every tech lover should consider.

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is the perfect job for those who enjoy computers and aim to work in an efficient and effective way. Those who choose this career path will help companies operate better, by implementing procedures that help them run more efficiently. This includes examining and implementing new computer systems and programs that will help the company. Though a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science is typically required, the median salary for this career will pull in above $75,000.

Computer Network Architect

Much like a computer systems analyst, computer network architects must have eye for detail and love challenging problems. Their daily job will involve creating computer networks inside of companies and businesses, that will tie together all of the other computers. If you’ve ever seen a huge business that all runs off of one internet connection or leads to one printer in the copy room, it is all because a computer network architect set it up. A career as a computer network architect will ask for a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, and fetch you a salary of around $75,000.

Database Administrators

If you have experience working with computers, but are looking for a change of routine, a job as a database administrator could be perfect for you. These employees store and organize the data of businesses. This can range anywhere from shipping records, to financial information, to customer information. This information is private and needs to be securely and diligently worked on. A database administrator will have this knowledge and be able to implement a system for their company, all while expecting a salary of around $70,000.

Computer Programmer

If you’ve ever had a great idea for a computer, but didn’t know how to go about making it happen, consider learning how to become a computer programmer. Those in this industry write code and software programs that are used on computers and websites. If you really want to be a valuable asset as a computer programmer, you will have to have proficient knowledge in many programming languages, as the industry is continually expanding with more options available to make technology better. Computer programmer’s salaries can range depending on how hard they work, but the median salary above $70,000.

Software Developer

One of the most popular jobs in the tech industry, probably due to its job security and the growth of the industry as a whole, is software developers. While older software developers have worked on programs that you can find on your computer, many have now shifted to making applications for your mobile device and tablets. The mobile app industry is booming and continues to grow each day. Take a look at DoubleDutch.me for example, an awesome company, amazing culture, and lots of opportunities! Software developers can work on multiple projects yearly, meaning that the harder they work, the more they make. Expecting a salary of close to $100,000 for a software developer isn’t unheard of.

Graphic Designer

If you find yourself less interested in programming but you have a passion for art, a career in design is perfect. For the two previous positions above, software and developer and computer programmer, they need designers to help them finish their projects. Often times they have the computing knowledge, but lack the ability to design graphics that are necessary for their ideas. Being a web designer will allow you to step in and help build their ideas with your artistic talent.

IT Manager

If you have the experience and vision of technology as a whole, a position as an IT manager is a solid route for you to consider. These people are the ones that get called upon for a variety of questions. Some are simple, like how to open an application or program; but others are more difficult, like why the network isn’t running correctly. Good people management and attention to detail is important for an IT manager, but it is a fantastic job for those who need to regularly be busy and look to help people in a variety of ways.

Audio Technology

The Last job on this list is for those who have a knack for audio and music. Much like graphic designers, those in the audio industry help supplement programs and applications. Imagine your favorite game or app, without any sound. That would probably take away from the experience and make it much less entertaining. Having knowledge of music and audio, and how to implement it into computer programs, can be a valuable asset and allow you to find the job of your dreams.

All of the jobs on this list are perfect for those who love technology. As our lives become more dependent on technology, and more so as everyone seems to have a mobile device in their palm, jobs will continue to be open and needed for those in this industry. Having the skills and knowledge to work with technology makes you a valuable asset for the workforce for years to come.

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